Monday, November 5, 2007

Blind Date

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Anonymous said...

On -- "what would you still have to say to a person who let you down so badly that you wanted to break up with him/ her?"

Rajsm: well.. its a part of life.. people let you down.. but what surprises me is that people just cut off... as if nothing existed... no respect for memories, no respect for time spent, and no respect for the love and care they were a part of..

I feel that no matter what, people should be friends... break ups can happen for thousands of reasons...and you can forgive the cause... and the person.. but beyond that, as a human, should one not care as before? i fail to see how one event can lead people to shun each other completely... is it not better to be near the person you care at least as a friend if not as a lover?

so in the end... there is nothing to say to her... just that it would have been decent if people not pretended to be dead at times...

anyways.. this is rajsm... the 'cutest babies' post is really cute... and it was nice of you to leave a comment.

good day.