Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Cure

There was a man who had a wife and she had a problem responding to his desires. This continued for about 6 months. As frustration was welling up within him he decided to see a doctor about his wife's lack of attention toward him.

The doctor, being of the wise kind, gave this man a bottle of pills and said to him, "Now, just before your wife retires give her a cup of milk and slip a couple of these pills in and before you know it she will be more than obliging."

So he goes home very excited and when night comes he offers his wife a cup of milk and slips in a couple of those pills.

He then says to himself, "Now why should she have all the fun?"

So he pours himself a cup and puts the whole bottle into his cup. He takes both cups to his wife in bed and they talk for a bit and drink the milk.

After a half hour, both fall asleep.

Then, the wife suddenly sits up straight in bed, pounds her husband and says, "Darling, Darling! Wake up! Wake up! I need a man now!"

The husband sits up straight and shouts, "So do I! So do I!"

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