Friday, August 31, 2007


My son often leaves yellow sticky messages for me on my computer monitor, things like "I need pencils" or "PTA wants money"...

All manner of semi-important things I generally need reminding of get posted this way.

It works. I usually take care of the message right away, or by days end if at all possible.

One day I went to the computer and found a yellow Post-it with the following note; "My Dixie wrecked."

I read it a few times but whatever it meant refused to sink in. I tried putting it out of my mind but it kept coming back. My Dixie wrecked, my dixie wrecked...

Weird how that puzzling note refused to leave my awareness...

It would go quietly to the back of my mind and play over and over but never would it leave.

I'd bring it to the front of my attention and review it closely; My Dixie wrecked... Hmmm... I got up for coffee and muttered to myself; "My Dixie wrecked" I wonder what that means?

I even said it out loud a few times; "My Dixie wrecked!
What's the meaning of that?

I even asked my Mom; I said to her; "My Dixie wrecked. What does that mean?"

I'd change the accents; my-dixie-Wrecked. My-dixie- wrecked. My-Dixie- wrecked.

It was driving me nuts.

My son finally got home from school and I blurted out...

"My Dick's Erect! What the hell does that mean?"

My son is such a creep. Sometimes I think he's even better than me.

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